Supporting Your Changing Needs

We are a company built on a strong desire for personal development, better thinking and achieving optimum results. 

Our goal is for you to be inspired and transformed from the feeling of not being happy with your skin to loving the skin you're in.

Investing in Your Skin

Pure and Natural is the way to go and we believe from our natural skincare selection there may be a choice to match your specific skin type whether it be dry, sensitive, irritated, oily or acne prone.

Our CoalPot Skin Care Range are suitable for all types of skin - All Natural, infused with herbs, blended gorgeous smelling herbal soaps, moisturisers, mud masks, essential oils and facial toner each specially blended to be kind to sensitive, dry or irritated skin. 

Encouraging change for the better!

Helping you improve your skin, to feel and look the best is one of our primary aims.  

As well as inspiring beautiful people like you towards self-confidence and progress moving towards living a full life, aspiring towards being happy Inside and Out.  We believe wellness lies within as well as on the surface. 

Your life begins at the point you decide to take just one step towards what you feel you are missing in your life;

We're here to challenge and cheer you on each step of the way.

Our Offering

Our Coal Pot soaps are therapeutic, uniquely blended with herbs, pure essential oils, hand crafted with love, to reward your body mind and soul with the essence of nature.

From a Caterpillar to a Cocoon, the Butterfly has spread its Wings.


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