Natural Handmade Soaps

Natural Handmade Soaps
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Aloe Pureé
A rich textured soap to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.  With the captivating freshnes..
Bandé Bois
Bandé Bois (Richeria Grandis) one of nature's wonders from the heart of Dominica's green forest a un..
Calypso Mango
This invigorating mango bar is rich with fresh mangoes and gorgeous scent of cassia essential oil, a..
Ginger Bay
With the warmth of ground ginger and lemongrass supported by the essential oils of ginger, lemongras..
Gloricida Handmade Soap
A creamy, tender bar great for babies and your children excellent for nappy rash, heat rash, eczema,..
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Grand Bay Leaf
Ground bay leaf (a light exfoliator) enhances the pure essential oil of bay, which creates a soothin..
Hibiscus Bliss Shampoo Bar
An amazing gentle Shampoo Bar for all hair types. Handmade with a powerful blend of hibiscus, junipe..
Lemon Sunrise
This soap is a natural exfoliator with cornmeal added to ground lemongrass, accentuates the essentia..
Noni Blossom
Beneficial for all skin types Coal Pot Noni Soap is a natural cleansing treatment for skin pron..
Oatmeal Delight
This soap captures the fresh scent of rosemary and the delight from oatmeal a rich creamy lather, a ..
Peppermint Passion
This soap is sure to wake you up in the morning - it's fresh and stimulating! Combines oatmeal, grou..
Sisserou Spice
If part of your skin care routine is using a body brush, then you'll love this soap - a&nb..
Sweet Orange
The essential oils of sweet orange with a touch of Bay essential oil, forms this juicy citrus soap t..
Wild Lemon Bay
Relaxes, soothes and releases its unique aroma, adds a new meaning to bathing Benefits for Skin: ..